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But, above all, I valued the conceptual approach the course took. I have never been a fan of math until now.

Precalculus student

Students learn when they are engaged in making meaning and building connections. Our materials use the power of technology to spark student curiosity and engage students’ minds. As students navigate the online environment they encounter animations, interactive applets, questions, and video discussions that are scaffolded to hold their attention and assure student learning. Students develop reasoning abilities, understandings, skills and problem solving abilities they need to learn and be successful in future math courses and outside of the mathematics classroom.

Fully-online Courses

We offer fully-online course materials complete with lessons, homework, and assessments. Everything you need to get set up quickly and give your students a meaningful experience!

Currently we offer materials for standard College Algebra and Precalculus courses, with topics ranging from proportionality to trigonometry. For inquiries about course content, please contact us at

Our fully-online materials can also be used in conjunction with other in-class materials, as the online lessons are a great way to support your students outside of the classroom.

Online Homework

Along with the online course materials, we also offer online homework services for the Pathways to Calculus: Precalculus curriculum. This allows us to pair our expertise in online learning with the expertise of the content creators for the Pathways project.

This also allows Pathways users to make use of the fully-online course materials (such as lessons), even if they are not teaching a fully-online course.

Professional Development Services

We offer professional development services for math teachers of all levels (K-12 and early undergraduate). If you are interested in our services (or want to know more), please contact us at

We have a small group of instructional leaders who focus on supporting meaningful teaching and learning, and incorporating technology into the math classroom.


Built on top of years of research

Seeing math in that [conceptual] way totally changed my view of math.

Precalculus Student

All of our materials are grounded in many years research on student learning. From general research on how people learn, to specific research on how students come to learn particular mathematical ideas - we develop for student success.


You can't learn to ride a bike just by watching someone else ride a bike - you've got to get on the bike yourself! Turns out, learning math is the same way. Students learn math by doing math, and this is something we take very seriously.

Our online materials are developed to engage students in mathematical thinking and problem solving. Students are asked to work tasks, and are given support along the way. Say goodbye to the days of sitting and listening!

Quantitative Reasoning

Most of math and science revolves around thinking about and relating quantities within various contexts, and research has revealed that reasoning about quantities and relationships is an important part of understanding mathematical ideas.

Our course materials keep a strong focus on reasoning about and relating quantities, providing an over-arching theme for all of our materials. From the student's perpective, this make the course materials coherent - as each new topic is really just a new application of the same idea!

Student Affect

Students' confidence and attitude toward math plays an important role in their learning of mathematics. Learning math can be hard - especially in an online environment - but we provide student support so that students can spend their time focusing on learning math and not on being frustrated.

We provide students with feedback and instructional videos to help their learning experience, and our materials are thoroughly tested so that students don't need to worry about the intricacies of the computer environment - just on learning math.


Student Resources

I felt that the structure of the course was designed in a way that allowed me to be successful in actually comprehending math.

Precalculus student

We offer all of the tools needed to administer a student-centered online or hybrid math course. These materials can also be used to supplement an in-person course.


Our online courses contain interactive lessons consisting of text, videos, applets, animations, and tasks. Students interact with the online lesson materials and complete the tasks within the lessons.

The system auto-grades the students' answers and students get instant feedback on their answers. The tasks in the lessons range from simple multiple choice tasks, to writing formulas to model relationships within applied contexts, to graphing functions.


Each lesson in our online courses come coupled with corresponding online homework. Like the lessons, the online homework is graded by the system and students get instant feedback on their answers. This gives students a chance to practice their new ways of thinking and doesn't require the instructor to do any additional grading.

We also provide standalone online homework to support the Pathways to Calculus: Precalculus curriculum.


Our online courses come equipped with ready-made assessments (quizzes and exams) that assess the ideas covered in the lessons and homework. Therefore instructors can regularly assess how well their students are understanding the ideas being covered.

Supporting Videos

The online lessons have instructional videos built in to support students' learning as they work through the lessons. The videos are not designed to be the main resource for learning - but rather act as instructional support for students as they work through the lessons.

Some of the homework tasks also contain video support to help students get started with some of the more challenging tasks.


COSma Features

It's not like looking at paper. You can actually put something in and see right away what it looks like.

Precalculus student

We are proud to say that we have built our materials on top of IMathAS, a powerful and flexible online math assessment and course management tool. This means we have plenty of useful features to offer.


Students learn math by doing and interacting with math. Therefore, we have built our courses to be interactive and engaging.

Our lessons are supported with interactive diagrams and applets that allow students to dynamically explore mathematical ideas.

Instant Feedback

Students get instant feedback on their answers so they don't have to wait to check their understanding of a mathematical idea. The system auto-grades all student answers and stores responses nicely in a database. Teachers can easily see their students' work, and students can easily review their own work and scores.

This means there is zero turn-around time for grading! Teachers don't have to grade thousands of responses, and students can easily check their understanding.

Easy Communication

The system is equipped with easy-to-use forum and messaging systems, making it easy for students to interact with the instructor and other students. When a student has a question on a task, they can easily copy that question into the messaging or forum system and ask for help.

These communication systems come equipped with a easy to use interface, making it easy to format responses and enter mathematical formulas.

Easy Student Monitoring

Instructors have easy access to course and student performance data, making it easy to monitor the course. The system keeps track of every student's interaction with every question, and all of this data is at the fingertips of the instructor. This makes it easy for instructors to see how their class is doing on a certain lesson or assessment, or see how a particular student is performing across all assessments.

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